Arisaka type 99 dating end dating ammo

There is also two zero's (00) to the left of the serial number which coincide with the school mark.One of the school mark zero's overlaps what looks like a series circle.This rare Sharps is a New Model 1859 with a full stock. We’ve been working up a series of images over the past few weeks here at C&Rsenal.For a time it was the standard rifle of the Japanese infantry. It was known also as the Type 38 Year Meiji Carbine in Japan.

The type was intended to replace the turn-of-the-century Meiji 38th Year rifle but never materialized as an all-out replacement due to demand.Because there is a school mark below the Mum and above the 3, this indicates this weapon was removed from military service and turned over to a school.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Type 38 rifle Arisaka was a bolt-action rifle.The Type 99 was furthered a handful of designs that included the Short Rifle, Long Rifle, an airborne variant and a dedicated sniper model.Production lasted from 1939 into 1945 before ending with Japan's surrender.

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