Colton haynes dating history

‘I wish had more to tell you, but it just doesn’t happen.’ When asked who’s his ideal man, Colton said that would be a combi of three of his celebrity crushes: John Cena, Idris Elba, and Ryan Reynolds. The actor added that he wants to do the relationship thing right, and he wants kids — six of them. ‘Or a happy beginning.’ Read more about Colton’s interview, including how he found out that his dad’s suicide might have been linked to his coming out, his best friends who supported him through his mental health issues, his new fashion business venture, and his role in Scream Queens Season 2, his row with out actor Noah Galvin, and more in the September Issue of Out magazine.We’ve heard more celebrity dating rumors in the past few years than we can count, but it seems that NO ONE has had more rumored girlfriends than Colton Haynes!'The person who used to love going out and talking to my family/friends.In his latest interview with Out magazine, cover boy Colton Haynes shares more about his secret past as a closeted gay man.Even though the 28-year-old former Teen Wolf actor only came out to the world and his millions of fans a couple of months back, he had actually told his friends and family that he’s gay when he was 14.Colton shared that he’d known he liked boys since he was in first grade, but when he came out in school, he was met with bullying — so bad that his older brother Clinton had to meet him outside of class to protect him.It may even be mandatory that these celebrities touch and kiss, all in the name of acting.These trying situations can create a hot-bed of feelings, both on and off the set. Below is a list of CW stars who have once, or still, shared love for one another. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder | It’s possible that I’m still not over the termination of this relationship.

Netizens have identified the ex-boyfriend as male model Jerreth Ludwig. A.’ Colton, then 17, then moved with his beau to Los Angeles for more opportunities, but they split shortly after.He also revealed that he experimented with both sexes during his youth, but it’s the boys that he settled with.When he moved to Texas and attended the high school there, he had a much better experience with being openly gay.The Arrow star has been linked to MULTIPLE girls (and maybe a few guys, too), but no one can actually prove that any of ’em have actually dated! Click through the gallery below to see all of his rumored romances and tell us which you think are legit!Being a beautiful person in the celebrity world is tough stuff.

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