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It’s a huge brand and it’s expanding and the women and their children that wear LLR have nothing but wonderful comments and statements to say about the clothing.

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Naturally, the 16-year-old is dismayed to learn that all but the last part is true.

Husband n : a male partner in a marriage or committed relationship Inclusive Relationship n : a relationship in which all partners agree to include more lovers into their relationship Intentional Family n : a relationship in which three or more partners consciously chose each other as family, partners may or may not live together, there is the potential for all family members to be sexual with each other if they mutually chose to do so but this is not a requirement for family membership, syn expanded family Intimate n, adj 1 a: intrinsic , essential b: belonging to or characterizing one's deepest nature 2: marked by very close association, contact, or familiarity 3 a: marked by a warm friendship developing through long association b: suggesting informal warmth or privacy 4: of a very personal or private nature (2008). Intimate Network n : individuals who desire friendship and perhaps sex with their lover's and other friend's, forming a web of varying connections within a social circle Intimate Partner n : a close romantic or sexual connection or relationship Intimate Relationship n : term that assumes romantic or sexual connection Jealousy n or adj 1 : the opposite of compersion 2 : negative, angry feelings that a group or an individual can prevoke in another group or individual 3 : demanding complete devotion 4 : suspicious of a rival or of one believed to enjoy an advantage 5 : VIGILANT; jealously; jealous adj Line Marriage n : a term from the works of Robert A.

Heinlein, science fiction writer, meaning a marriage that from time to time adds younger members, eventually establishing an equilibrium population, spouses dying off at the same rate as new ones are added, this is a different form of familial immortality than the traditional one of successive generations of children Lovestyle n : the design or structure of a sexualove relationship, like the term lifestyle, it implies a conscious choice. Relationship Orientation Mixed Relationships n 1 : relationships that have heterosexual and homosexual members 2 : relationships that have people from different races and cultures Monogamy n 1 archaic : the practice of marrying only once during a lifetime 2: the state or custom of being married to one person at a time 3: the condition or practice of having a single mate during a period of time (2008). Multi-partner Relationship n : the practice of having more than one intimate or sexual relationship at one time.

I’m trying to compile a list of terms related to polyamory for newcomers to the community and anyone else who’s interested in learning about it (I practically had a google tab open whenever I was reading about poly stuff).

If you think anything should be added or changed, please let me know.

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