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Jeff Winger is infamous for his many relationships inside and outside of the study group over the past 3 seasons.

While there has been an occasional female seen in one or a few episodes, there were a few that actually lasted for quite some time.

It’s Always Open Season on Princesses (32/32, NC-17) ★ by | So Jeff spends some time providing off-the-books legal research and advice at a tiny, less-than-reputable law office in a run-down strip mall downtown, for which he is paid cash. Productive Energy (2/3, PG-13) by | Abed’s rules for a game of finals-week hide-and-go-seek force Jeff and Annie into some uncomfortable circumstances - they get trapped in a closet.

They waited too long to come forward and now they feel bad. We have to accept that no one has the pen, don't we? [Pierce raises his hand, and everyone points at him in an accusative way. [Jeff puts his phone to his ear] Jeff Winger: Gwynnifer?

So, pen thief, we understand what happened, and we forgive you. Jeff Winger: Right, but here's the trick: Because this person now has no reason not to come forward, if by some chance, I get to the count of three and nobody comes forward, guess what. Jeff Winger: Yeah, tell it to the pen you might have.

much more out there that I have yet to read, so…feel free to rec me some of your favorites that I may have missed out on ;) Just wanted to share with y'all the crazy, so. Side note: I am so anal I’M SORRY.★ - favorites | * - trigger warnings / dark! , NC-17) ★ by | Based on a Ficcy Friday prompt from June 6th, 2013 by leap_of_faith81: “1.

fic| J/A Study Group | With Jeff and Annie’s approaching wedding date, the friends came together and decided on a present – namely, that they would worry about all of the details for the pair’s special day, leaving Jeff and Annie to do nothing but show up and become lawfully wedded. But, in true Greendalian fashion, that plain failed.5 times Jeff got unsolicited advice about Annie (and one time it didn’t matter) (1/1, PG) by | From an M&M ficcy Friday prompt from tilie12, in which Jeff’s mother shows up at Greendale unannounced, expecting to meet the girlfriend Jeff told her he had, named Annie. Crew, toying with the edges of an Oxford and then it’s there, zipping through her body like a pill that’s finally now my heart stumbles (1/1, PG) ★ by | J/A Study Group | …or, How the Gang Found Out About Annie and Jeffanything’s righter than books could plan (2/2, PG-13) by dearygirl | Jeff’s out of town and Annie’s in labor. Five times Jeff and Annie are TOTALLY NOT ON A DATE, OK?? And one time they actually are.”Be Kind, Rewind (1/1, PG-13) by | Because now, she’s kind of his best friend.

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