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It's called a push up bra boys, though this one looks like it has some padding for sure.

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Droves of young men fell in love with her because they could not resist her gentle personality, captivating intelligence and perhaps most of all her sensual feminine magnetism. Apparently her bikini top brings her from a DD to a B... Plus her face and body better resembles Lara's, even though in the games lately they have modeled Lara more like this girl. I would not have put her in that swimming suit, if I were the one taking the photos. No muscle tone, very average looking, BUT a professional British gymnast...? Why any guy fawns over that fish-lipped anorexic skank is beyond me. For once, someone who isn't pretending to be Lara Croft. Her face and breasts won't matter when she's digging through tombs, twisting, flipping, and swinging around traps, and kicking ass along the way. My only concern is her voice, and the way they have her play her role. Again, the lack of tone isn't bad, makes her more seductive than intimidating. Robert was always interested in hair styles and used to tell people he could cut hair long before attending London's Vidal Sasson Academy.After graduating he spent 5 years based in Australia traveling the world in shows performing as a platform artist.

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