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In that spirit, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite celebrity birthday pictures to see who we want to copy on our next birthday. Celebrating like a celebrity isn’t always that different — it still involves time with family and friends, sweet gestures, and cake. From the simple surprise to the deliciously decadent, see how your favorite celebs celebrate their birthdays!In the run-up to the Iraq War, a Bush White House official explained to me that 9/11 had changed the way we read national security intelligence.Hour 3: Best Of / Linda's daughter has a half-sister that she has never met.Should Linda reveal this person to her daughter or keep her existence a secret? Laura Program Hour 1: Best Of / Carolyn's son is about to enter kindergarten and she's ready to go back to work again.Donald Trump is a man who throws down gauntlets, and he threw down several big ones during his campaign for president -- confronting the status quos on immigration, on healthcare and on taxes, to name a few. But it could be Trump's action on taxes that matters most to whether the stock market continues to ride high, GDP growth returns to a healthy 3% and, therefore, whether his presidency is judged well in posterity.

So if you’re thinking he’s pretty great and would like to take things a bit more seriously with him, here is the next stages to make him actually fall in love with you. It’s not too difficult to attract a guy and make him like you, but love is a little more tricky.Hour 2: Best Of / Jennifer caught her daughter masturbating and feels that she is too young to be doing this.How can Jennifer start a proper conversation with her kid without upsetting her?You may be wondering if it is actually possible to make a guy fall in love with you. Yes, I do believe this is something that we can have some measure of control over by doing the right things that will trigger feelings of love in him.Man Psychology The first step to making him fall in love with you is to understand the psychology of men.

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