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Aquí te esperan los mejores vídeos adultos y vídeos pormos para los más cerdos del lugar, aquellos que saben lo que quieren, lo que buscan y dónde buscarlo.

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The campaign, created by Celine Faledam and Rachel Guest, a pair of Mistress advertising creatives, launches today to coincide with International Children’s Day. — A Kansas City-area man has pleaded guilty to duping dozens of women into having sex with him on camera by telling them they were rehearsing for roles in pornographic movies. He also will be required to pay restitution to his victims. Investigators say he promised to pay the women thousands of dollars. attorney's office says 34-year-old Mario Antoine, of Raymore, pleaded guilty to one wire fraud count and will be sentenced to 10 years in prison under the terms of the deal he agreed to Friday. Prosecutors said Antoine created online aliases as a talent manager, photographer and videographer and claimed to work for fictitious companies in the pornography industry.All materials, including the video below, point to givethetalk.com, which has resources for how to talk to children about the awkward subject.The site also links to Amaze.org, a nonprofit partnership that aims to make sex ed engaging, informative and less weird for young adolescents.“We’re not here to demonize porn, but it’s clear the content is more accessible and increasingly graphic and even violent, especially toward women,” says Guest.

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