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The most interesting finding was that women during the fertile part of their menstrual cycle dance with only their hips, which causes men to focus on their hips, while those women in that part where conception is unlikely dance using both hips and arms.

The three men start off with a song playing drums, guitar, and a bass violin made from a steamer trunk; and continue with word play, cardboard props, breaking the fourth wall, and even a reasonable story!

She is the younger sister of the actor Ramon Tikaram and the great-niece of Sir Moti Tikaram, who was the first Lord Chief Justice of an independent Fiji and the world's longest-serving national ombudsman.

Tikaram started singing in nightclubs while she was still a teenager and came to the attention of WEA Records.

Jack Thorne’s writing is fearless, embracing those awkward and intimate moments of life and celebrating them for what they are.

The gory details that bombard you at every turn build pressure and tension, before being released like a valve with notes of humour or tenderness.

To address the subject the play focuses on the lives of an oversized 16-year old trying to prove he is a child, a pair of girls being drawn into the sex trade, a girl lost between two worlds, a girl from homeland to tending pot plants, and a trio of oblivious British tourist children.

A grand jury in Atlantic City indicted the 30-year-old Minneapolis resident Tuesday.

Bail was set at 0,000; the charges could result in 5-10 years of prison time.

His use of an audience members former banking job as a starting point for quips about the banking industry rather than ridicule for the patron was example of his good natured throughout the performance.

Two extended tales have to do with his boyhood pride in his dads one B-movie scene, and his recent conversations with his dad that have the family laughing into tears as his father relates his early sexual experiences.

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