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Front: Lacey, Reeves, Watmore, Lawrie, Clee, Densmore and Boshell.

Ian Senior of SK Kits says that sponsorship of the shirts has totalled £1,000.

As you may know, the finance minister’s expected to drop his 2012 budget next month.

Bradford De Long, Commentary, Project Syndicate: Back in the late 1990’s, in America at least, two schools of thought pushed for more financial deregulation...

The first school of thought, broadly that of the United States’ Republican Party, was that financial regulation was bad because all regulation was bad. We have Republicans threatening to default on the debt and blow up the economy if they aren't allowed to put the economy at risk in another way -- through immediate deficit reduction -- and a president selling the demands from the other side as a jobs package.

material weaknesses in internal controls and known instances of fraud (whether or not material) involving internal controls personnel have been disclosed to the audit committee and the independent auditors.

other major way that backdating can be misleading to investors relates to the method by which the company accounts for the options.

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