Ryan gosling and sandra bullock dating dating site for drummers

Just like the rest of us, stars get together and break up—c'est la vie.

Says the source, “Sandy refers to Ryan”—whom she dated for a year beginning in 2002 and broke up with because of distance and work schedules—“as ‘the one that got away.’” “Despite their 16 year age difference, Ryan was the only man Sandy dated who was a perfect intellectual and physical match for her.Bullock, 49, and Gosling, 33, had a brief romance from 2002-2003 after they met while co-starring in the movie Murder by Numbers.PHOTOS: 12 Celebrity Couples Who’ve Survived Scandal And now, girl next door Sandy, who divorced husband Jesse James in 2010 after he cheated on her, fears having to re-live another bad breakup by running into Ryan.Not that someone with Sandra's good girl image would ever end up in celeb sex tape, but some of the other men on the list seem primed to make a celebrity sex tape appearance.Since 2015, Sandra Bullock's boyfriend has been photographer Bryan Randall.

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