Updating statistics sql server 2016

In SQL, the main purpose of statistic is to store statistical information.

It mainly refers to the distribution of values in one or more columns of an index or a table.

You want to do this before the server is handed over to the end users for further testing. For databases created prior to SQL 2005 (and you *know* they are still out there), this step is important.

This post will provide you a checklist of items to review after the upgrade is complete. For databases created in SQL 2005 and later, the DATA_PURITY check is done automatically with a regular CHECKDB.

But what I see most often is that someone configures the Rebuild Index task, and then has the Update Statistics task as the next step.

However, in some situations, a user can improve the query performance by using UPDATE_STATISTICS command or the stored procedure sp_updatestats to update the statistics more frequently as compared to the default updates.

PRINT @TSql --Uncomment and re-run when ready to proceed.

--EXEC sp_executesql @TSql This could easily be put into a job step for a SQL Agent job. I've also run similar code in SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2014.

In the last post, we reviewed the options for upgrading SQL Server 2016. You should have taken one prior to the start of upgrading to SQL Server 2016, and you had better take one right now and again before you turn that database over to your end users.

After upgrading SQL Server you need to perform a series of tasks to verify the databases are ready. One of your post-migration or upgrade tasks should be to run the following statement: This statement will check your data for values that are no longer valid for the column datatype.

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