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I had followed your instruction and it is working when I run in debug mode, but when I create setup and install on a client system, at that time it downloads zip in work folder, extracts everything even renames Application to Application bak but then, unfortunately, I get a System. NOTE: Application is installed in Program Files and I had embedded manifest file too. Why is it so and can you please tell me how to fix it?Open-Xml-Power Tools provides example code and guidance for implementing many of the above important Open XML scenarios. There is a known issue in Windows Base that causes crashes when handling large data sources.Be sure to check it out before re-inventing your own solutions. This is fixed in later versions of the library, based on the platform availability of the package. For this reason, the Nu Get package has multiple targets to bring in this when possible. For historical reasons, the GNU ARM Eclipse update sites for installing new software are hosted by Source Forge, and, up to now, they successfuly handled more than 5.000.000 downloaded files for this project, but in the last months Source Forge experienced several security issues affecting GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins users. 2017 Source Forge did another change in the security settings used by their download servers and mirrors. SSLHandshake Exception: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure at sun. Default Request Connect(Default Request Director.java:611) at org.impl.client.For some of the users this was transparent, but for some, the result, when trying to install new software, was the following: Checking the Eclipse log revealed a Java SSL exception: ! Default Request Director.execute(Default Request Director.java:446) at org.impl.client.

Package sources could be cached, and changes you've made to any Nu Get.config files may not be detected.

No need to have any other file for your theme since it’s dependent on the xml files inside the base folder 3.

Since magento reads through the xml files it will first search for the changes inside your newly created and apply overrides and updates and then fall through the files inside the base folder if that is the default xml folder set via the magento administration. Create the inside your theme’s layout folder (app/frontend/default/your-theme/layout) 2.

Add basic xml markup structure There are many other uses of course but I merely wanted to point out ways of adding, removing and updating to better illustrate the point of having in your development workflow.

Hope this makes a good starting point in your next project for the first time users and very welcome topic to discuss about for those with a working experience.

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